Genuine Parts Company (GPC) Posts Positive CR

Total Money flow for the day ended at $-448.29mn with tick up at $9049.68mn and tick down at $9497.98mn led to up /down ratio of 0.95x, however markets has seen a steady uptrend backed by $-414.53mn in block trades of which $2390.24mn saw weaker sentiment, while $1975.71 were positive ticks Supported by a string of factors, sector saw a change of 45.70 closing at 8838.16.

Genuine Parts Company is one of the big Specialty Retail, Other companies in the world with consistency in financial performance, further end of the day trading on Thursday, Dec 21 market cap stood at $13784.36 M .

Firm’s debt and accounts payable along with its holdings is in comfortable position with Current ratio at 1.3. Company is showing upwards reading as it moves below its 200 Moving Avg influence as a strong support levels, further, and company continues to hold above at 5.48% over the past 200 days .

From the company graph RSI is moving over the horizontal 63.71 reference level and is viewed as a neutral indicator , the weak longs were stopped out of their rally on the second reaction leading to sharp price action in a relatively short time frame.

Eps has been on down trend this year , but analysts predict this to improve . With less dependency on the broader index company tend to fare better during bear markets , and with positive swing 1.14 company has been trading in a consolidation value range .

Current earning Price ratio at 6.40% indicate that management is on track with respect to growth rate over PE 21.19. Further using price ratios , current asset values might not support company’s core strength , PB is above Services sector average at 4.1.

The company has given a 20.20% return on Equity which is represents stable rally for the company . Given Genuine Parts Company long term potential , current stock price might be high as company might find it hard to maintain higher growth over the coming quarters , along with high Earning per share and Market value of 21.19 is indicative of the fact that the investors are overpricing the stock .

And CAPS still comes -5.27 below its sector . At current PE at 21.19 analysts expect earning can increase better than anticipated . Company price comparative to this fiscal earnings is 17.51x, stock price might not outperform in future.

Considering production costs analysts feel management has to find expense reduction measures . Despite the challenges in Specialty Retail, Other environment, company has seen structural and fundamental changes Gabelli & Co. analyst Brian Sponheimer has boosted Genuine Parts Company in line with current bullish sentiment, and analysts feel stocks no longer have as much upside as they did beforePrices are not inline with the 3.31 PEG and could loose traction in the coming quarters.

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