With Low P /B Acuity Brands, Inc. (AYI) is still expensive in the Technology sector

Present earnings to Price at 20.0% show that management is on track in terms of progress over PE 22.98. As of present market conditions , company analysts growth rates are below current sector prices , consequently PEG at 1.15x provides higher price while taking the company’s potential returns into account.

Analysts feel evolving tec scape could put Acuity Brands, Inc. at a downside , but in terms of 22.98 PE firm is above Technology sector . Quick ratio of $1.5 shows that there is enough cash on hand to cover liabilities and keep going , more specifically company’s current short-term liquidity position is strong .

From Acuity Brands, Inc. charts RSI 55.08 currently represents neutral market momentum and might cross resistance in a few weeks . the relative strength index for the shares trades in the no trade zone indicating of same level price moves in the future .

With its industry’s trailing twelve months PE 22.98 also compares favourably and might not be genuine buying opportunity . The company now trades at comparatively lower price at 170.8 as compared to the Technology sector average at 27.63 .

Company has been using more financial leverage to finance debt and equity capital resulting in a high ROE in its sector . Still trading at its support levels , stocks are at -31.60% from its 52 W levels Traders should look out for the stock’s follow-up moves very closely before getting too bullish on the asset as prices are at 52 Week high..

Total Money flow for the day ended at $-2532.16mn with tick up at $7951.44mn and tick down at $10483.60mn led to up /down ratio of 0.76x, however markets has seen a steady uptrend supported by $-2501.54mn in block trades of which $3543.98mn saw bearish sentiment, while $1042.43 were positive flow Supported by a string of factors, sector saw a change of 159.89 closing at 16122.82.

By next year Acuity Brands, Inc. EPS 7.78% will be on a par with Current Year , analyst forecast Earnings to Price Ratio to be down by 7.78%. Forward PE for company stocks are currently being seen at 17.56X lower PE by 22.98, and business projected growth over the coming 12 months is anticipated to above earnings over the last year .

Current trends indicate decrease in earnings for Acuity Brands, Inc. . Compared with larger market index Acuity Brands, Inc. beta is 1.45. With increased debt to liquid value Acuity Brands, Inc. has a sound financial gains with potential to meet its near term liabilities with its short-term assets, companies current near term investments and other marketable securities are at 2.1 CR .

Equity value of the company commands a value of $7156.52 M , further institutional Investors and hedge funds have been highly active.. Charts show that price is trading below its 200 Day Avg , influencing fluctuation in returns .

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