The Mosaic Company (MOS) Posts Fall in December estimated EPS

As such, a PB value of 0.85 could easily be demanded , but however Price to book is below sector performance at 1.48. The Mosaic Company stocks at 1.29 Beta shows lower correlation with the stock market index.

Company key strong SMA, numbers indicate a long-term pattern with support at $23.53. Company performance is low for its share holders and, rightly …traders definitely need to consider this..

Firm price to earnings value of 25.69% can be a signs of overheated stock . And when compared to its competitors PE of 25.08x company is trading at premium .

Forward PE for The Mosaic Company is projected at 22.57X lower PE by 25.69. Current markets forecast lower earnings for The Mosaic Company , probability of margin losses has risen significantly at forward PE 22.57 region less than present price growth .

Present EPS projection at 6.84% indicate that board is in line in terms of growth rate above PE 25.69. The Mosaic Company profitability ratio is down significantly from 2016 to 2017.

Total Money flow for the day ended at $-195.15mn with tick up at $1506.13mn and tick down at $1701.28mn led to up /down ratio of 0.89x. With respect to block trades, money flow ended $-187.70mn with tick up at $278.17mn and tick down at $465.87mn led an up /down ratio of 0.60xCurrently the Basic Materials index is trading at 4436.52 with 74.62 change.

The weak longs were halted out of their rally on later week bears causing sharp momentum in a relatively small time frame, with 60.31 RSI current levels may not continue , and the stock may be due for uptrend .

Based on the expected growth company Current prices are not justified. Considering PEG The Mosaic Company does not seem to be in sweet spot for traders with Basic Materials sector PEG being higher at 1.7.

Asset seems to be Loosely based on Index movement as it continues to trade below 52 W high by -28.67% . It appears that with prices nearing yearly high, company are taking cues on the short to medium term guidance .

End of the day Monday, Dec 18 market cap stood at $8597.37 MN , however we prefer enterprise value against market cap for fair value. The Mosaic Company does not seem to have comfortable Quick R which is 1:0.9, with this it would help to decrease the level of company’s current liabilities and therefore , boost the current R .

Expectations for profit growth for current fiscal have dropped below sector by -69.50%, but year-over-year earnings growth should be in positive . Firm has been reviewed by many rating firms Analyst from Citigroup Maintains current rating of Neutral, Citigroup analyst PJ Juvekar is leading the bulls with a 25 PT from 23 reflecting an upside of 8.7%Considering 1.8 Curr r to its sector peers , might not be perfect , yet are more robust than earlier , additionally company’s liability and payable in conjunction with its assets is relatively stable with CR at 1.8.

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