Sealed Air Corporation (SEE) ROA ratio 11.30% set above the industry median

Prices seems to be making a sideways pattern with 74.11 relative strength compared to the indices . If the asset declines the price might have a more head winds falling below the daily moving avg price level and momentum of Sealed Air Corporation 200-day simple moving average is at 10.72% higher than the current trade price..

Firm has enough cash in hand to meet its short term operations needs or short term obligations, additionally Firm’s debt and payable along with its holdings is in comfortable position with CR at 1.7.

Forward pe 20.16 is above in comparison to the regression of business growth based on past P /E ratio , furthermore business , analyst see higher forward pe representing more earnings , yet forward PE by calculation is susceptible to estimation errors.

It is relevant to acknowledge that the last fiscal PE has been less than 20.16 fwd PE value . Roe indicates that the company is boosting its ability to deliver more growth with less capital .

Sealed Air Corporation below its 52 week high by -2.45% but we don’t feel there’s any huge need to panic . As the stocks near yearly high high traders may show increased interest as trade nears either the high or the lows.

With 5Y EPS estimate 9.60% higher than P /E 47.57 potential future growth movement to be high and also will have less of an upward effect on the PE .

The Consumer Goods rally further compounded as the money flow clocked Nonex with down tick of $5188.87mn resulting in non-yielding $4182.82mn up ticks. With respect to block trades, money flow ended $-968.50mn with tick up at $727.80mn and tick down at $1696.30mn led an up /down ratio of 0.43xCurrently the Consumer Goods index is trading at 6262.67 with 15.04 change.

It is always pays to compare Quick R ratio to that of competitors in the same Consumer Goods sector , and Sealed Air Corporation in comparison to current debt , ratio of capital and other liquid resources reported at 1.3.

Looking in to overhead costs we feel board has to find cost reduction measures of course currently firm earns 11.30% on profit, and is slightly above for the Consumer Goods sector .

Market Value per Share of 47.57, indicate investors sentiments are upbeat . So although Sealed Air Corporation forecast PE of 47.57 is attractive , compared to Consumer Goods sector value of 20.88 the stocks are still overvalued .

As a growth stock , firm fits the definition with a book value of 12.13. Financial performance of Sealed Air Corporation in Consumer Goods sector has been stable and is supported by strong market capitalization backed by total dollar value of outstanding share are reported at $9229.12 MN .

Sealed Air Corporation risk and performance value beta is at 1.24 indicating that investors can anticipate a more steady return throughout the economic cycle, this is great as with less dependency on the broader economy company tend to fare better during downturns .

By 35.90% Sealed Air Corporation EPS 35.90% compared to 2016 , analyst forecast per share earnings to be down by 35.90%. Firm market value to analyst projected growth in earnings per share is high at 4.96. Taking the average Consumer Goods sector performance with company PEG together , business growth average is near industry average.

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