Juniper Networks, Inc. (JNPR) reports 12.70% outsize return on equity

company has ability to meet its short term contract with its most liquid assets, and it is not difficult to see with Quick R at 2.6 JNPR liquidity position is stable .

Companies financials are seem strong but are sustainable in long term with price to book value at 2.08. End of the day trading on Friday, Dec 15 market cap stood at $10953.03 Millions .

With 17.04 PE being below forecasted 5 year growth at 8.70% 5Y, EPS are set to grow faster than its stock price . Company is seen by investors as growth stocks and given future growth prospects investors are bullish.

However company falls short of Technology sector PE by -10.39 with sector PE at 27.43. The RSI value on the graph are at 56.57 and corresponds with the median line in MACD oscillators resulting in security showing underlying strength .

At $1.67 earning per share firm is down by -3.70% YTD . Forecasted growth rate and earnings over the next 12 months indicate stock is high compared to its earnings by 1.96x .

Taking in to account adjusted growth and value , JNPR regulated ROA is 6.60% this year . Juniper Networks, Inc. is now above at 1.45% in the last 200 day average .

Company appear to lack any clear direction at the movement , but its important to consider that present beta has no bearing on a stock’s future volatility. Another important indicator which makes them attractive investment opportunities, is a high return on ROE , which as of now is at 12.70%.

Over the next calendar year analyst estimate expect an increase in earnings compared to current 17.04 PE , and with thiscompany future PE ratio of 13.23 indicates further growth rerating potential.

Based on the early evidence present market trends indicate that growth might come in lower in long term, as a result Juniper Networks, Inc. price /earnings ratio over Next Fiscal calendar is 13.23.

With CR of 2.7 company has minimum of twice as many short-term assets than short-term liabilities, at present company assets should be able to satisfy companies short term liability and management might not have any problem with liquidity.

Company has advanced above its yearly high by 18.98% with favorable bullish indicators Traders should be watching the stock’s follow-up moves very closely before getting too bullish on the stock as trade are at 52 Week high..

Supported by a up-down ratio of 1.73x, total MFI closed at $9148.77mn. Block trades acted as a tailwind, coming in at $9224.01mn and $14305.79mn and $5081.78mn of tick ups and tick downs respectivelyCurrently the Technology index is trading at 15962.93 with 1.24 change.

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