Creative Tricks For Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults

Creative Tricks For Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults

Halloween being pretty close, now is the time to pick out costumes for yourself and your family. Here are a few ideas about costumes which you can sport, and also some general tips about dressing up your child for Halloween.

For your own costumes, a good idea is to look in thrift shops for clothes that you can alter. You can buy clothes that look like they are from another era, clothes from the ’70s and so on, and then use your own creativity and skills to make them suit what you have in mind for a Halloween costume. For example, you can buy a cheap wedding gown, rip it here and there, add some dirt stains to it and then put on makeup to look like a zombie bride. The possibilities are endless.

To complete your Halloween get-up, you can always buy a few props to add that final touch. This could be a ready-made furry tail if you are dressing up as an animal, an eye-patch if you are going as a pirate and so on.

For children, you can pick characters from books, movies or cartoons. Do not dress up a child like a grown-up: this seems to be the trend these days, but it is best to avoid such practices. You can also ask your child for their input, as a costume that is after their mind will make them really happy. There is a lot of variety to choose from, and you can always engage your children by asking them to help create the costume. Use old stationery, empty cereal boxes and other easily available supplies to add essential details to the costumes.

When dressing up a child for Halloween, you should think of the weather. Choose a costume that can be worn over warm clothes and still look good. Make sure the clothes are not baggy enough for your child to trip over. Also, if the costume involves a mask, make sure it fits well and is comfortable: in fact, it is always better to use good quality face paint instead, as it will not interfere with a child’s vision or breathing.

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