Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NASDAQ:AMD) New Product Launches Uproots Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Market Share

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has been trying hard to come up with the right moves so that they can win the battle for market shares with Intel. They fired yet another smart move when it comes to the central processing unit market. They have been looking to expand their presence as they first launched their Ryzen line of desktop CPUs. These were mainly aimed at the consumer market. It was then followed by the EPYC family of server processors.

The big question is whether the new releases are going to help AMD gain the right amount of ground when pitched in a battle against Intel. The AMD Ryzen Pro CPUs are mainly designed to satiate the needs of users who want professional workstations. They have been designed to offer more computing power. As per claims made by the company, these CPUs can perform up to 52% faster as compared to the older generation chips.

As per the internal tests that were conducted, the Ryzen CPU is believed to be 62% faster as compared to the competitive Intel model. AMD believes that their newly designed CPU will turn out to be superior to Intel’s products when compared against different parameters.

This move seemed to have worked brilliantly so far as the company has managed to break into Intel’s market share by quite a lot of margin. If AMD manages to price their Ryzen CPU in an appropriate manner, they might be able to break more into Intel’s share and the stocks could see an upward rise quite quickly and it may be too steep as well.

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