AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) Takes On Self-Driven Cars, AR and VR

AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) Takes On Self-Driven Cars, AR and VR

AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) Edge Computing Powered By 5G Might Spark is the New Technology Revolution. AT&T is all set to reinvent the way customers have been using cloud computing services. AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) will now be boosting the potential of self-driven cars, AR and even VR. They are making use of a model called edge computing so that data crunching can be moved from the device to the cloud. The move will be driven by single digit millisecond latency and this can only be achieved with the high-speed 5G network.

AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) Edge computing is going to be backed by faster speed and lower latency offered by the 5G network. There is a tremendous amount of scope which AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) is researching on and with one step at a time; the time for the next big technology revolution might just be here.

AT&T Inc (NYSE: T), As per research, if self-driven cars become a reality, they will generate as much as 3.6 terabytes of data per hour. Thus, near real time computation will become the need of the hour. There are features like brakes, accelerators which will have to be managed by the computer systems in the car itself, but some of the load could be shifted to the cloud. These could include updating and even accessing the detailed maps which cars would need for navigation.

Andre Fetch, president of AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) Labs and chief technology officer said, “The capabilities of tomorrow’s 5G are the missing link that will make edge computing possible. And few companies have the sheer number of physical locations that AT&T has that are needed to solve the latency dilemma.”
Similarly, if we consider AR and VR, creating a virtual world with images overlapped one on the top of the other requires a massive amount of processing power. With the help of edge computing, all these obstacles can be addressed and the move to the cloud would be made seamless.

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