Insider Guide To Iowa State Fair 2017 Dates, Tickets, Schedule, Concerts

Insider Guide To Iowa State Fair 2017 Dates, Tickets, Schedule, Concerts
The Reason Why You Should Go To The Iowa’s State Fair!

Iowa State Fair – The Iowa State Fair has been around since 1854. It’s one of the largest and the very known fair in the United States. Millions of people around the world are attracted to this traditional fair, it gets celebrated on the second day Thrusday of August for 11 days. The state fair gets celebrated on the state’s capital Des Moines, Iowa. Many parents in Iowa are used to bring their children annually to this traditional fair thanks to the great activities, food, entertainment, and attractions.

What Type Of Activities Are Found?
On the eleven days, there are many types of activities to choose from. There is a grandstand, where famous artists perform on a stage; free entertainments, where rock legends and even country up-and-comers will perform and entertain no matter what time of the day it is; and amazing attractions like roller coasters and cool machines that will give you and your kids joy and excitement.

Grandstand Entertainment
As said before, on the grandstand you will find multiple artists depending on the day you choose to go. Here you will find a list of the artist that will perform and their guests: Iowa State Fair Concerts:
with special guest Matt Maher
with special guests Pop Evil and Shaman’s Harvest
I Love the 90’s
Featuring: Vanilla Ice, Salt N Pepa, Color Me Badd, Tone Loc, Coolio, and Young MC.
with special guest Us the Duo
with special guest X-Ambassador
Flo Rida
with special guest Kat Dahlia
Grand Outlaw National Tractor and Truck Pull
with special guest The Charlie Daniels Band
Little Big Town
with special guest Seth Ennis
John Mellencamp
with special guest Carlene Carter
Kid Rock
with special guest Uncle Kracker

This State Fair has a multiple variety of foods. Their most common foods are candy, ice cream, cheesecake, drinks, beers, pork and many more. However, the state fair food is commonly known for its food on a stick, so don’t be surprised if almost everything is on a stick! For those who are looking for healthier options, there are gluten-free options in hundreds of food stands. There is everything for everyone!

Who doesn’t like to have a good time on roller coasters?! This state fair has three different Thrill Parks that will leave you amazed!

Thrill Ville
This park is for those who are looking for a thrilling, exciting, jaw-dropping roller coaster. There will be roller coasters like Air Race, Centrifuge, Crazy Mouse, Extreme, Hang Glider, and many more!
Thrill Town
The Thrill Town focuses more on children and their love on rides. These rides are kid-friendly and will make your children happier than ever. There will be rides like Kite Flyer, Flying Elephants, Farm Tractor, Expo Wheel, Grand Carousel, and many others your kids will enjoy!
Thrill Zone
This zone is for kids and adults who love being adventurous. Everyone will run, play, jump, and roll!

The Iowa State Fair is there every single year to provide happiness, enjoyment, entertainment, and excitement to your family. From enjoying the music, eating different foods, to level up your adrenaline in amazing roller coasters. If you are planning to visit the state fair, you should visit their website page for further information!

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