Common Mistakes in DIY Women’s Halloween Costumes

Common Mistakes in DIY Women’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween can be a lot of fun with trick or treat, candle filled pumpkins, bowls of scrumptious candy, and parties. Finding the perfect costume can be a challenge and very expensive but any woman can have an amazing costume by making it herself. Never underestimate the value of DIY women’s Halloween costumes.

Vampires are always in vogue at Halloween and the costume is easy to make. Start with a black blouse, black boots, and either a black skirt, pair of slacks, or jeans. Use a white powder or concealer on your face and make a trickle of blood dripping out of the corner of your mouth with red lipstick. Voila, a vampire is born.

For something more festive and less fiendish a princess is an excellent choice. Select a feminine dress preferably in pink or white. Add an elegant pair of shoes with slender heels and a pretty necklace. Pick up a tiara at the dollar store and you are ready for a Halloween party with your prince.

When you want to want to be mischievous you can be a gorgeous witch. All it takes is a long black dress, black boots, and sexy makeup. You can always find the perfect hat at a dollar store to complete the look. Add a long, dangly pair of earrings, grab your broom and get ready to have some fun.

Everyone loves a cowgirl so give them something to look at. Put on your favorite pair of jeans and a button down shit. Tie a bandana around your neck, add boots and a cowgirl hat and its time rope yourself an excellent Halloween.

Whatever costume you choose do not underestimate the value of simplicity. Just look through your closet and work with what you have to come up with DIY women’s Halloween costumes that are not only inexpensive but unique and a lot of fun.

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