How David F. Sandberg Breathed Life into Annabelle: Creation 2017

How David F. Sandberg Breathed Life into Annabelle: Creation 2017

Annabelle: Creation is a New Line Cinema release directed by the talented horror movie director, David F. Sandberg. Annabel is set in the mid-50’s Western American landscape and its inspiration mostly comes from the 2013 blockbuster horror film, The Conjuring by James Wan. The movie depicts the lives of a couple who’ve just lost their adorable 7-year-old girl child, Annabel to a freakish road accident.


Overcome by grief and torment, the couple, who are doll makers by trade, decides to live in seclusion. Years later, the couple played by Sam (Anthony LaPaglia) and Ester Mullin (Miranda Otto) settle to adopt half-a-dozen orphan girls. The six girls together with their guardian, a lovely Catholic nun called, Sister Charlotte move into the Mullin’s derelict-looking Californian townhouse.

Lifetime Performances

The talented youngsters give a compelling performance that yields an emotionally satisfying tale. Tabitha Baterman plays the role of a polio-stricken Janice wonderfully in the movie. The story line depicts Janice and her best friend Linda (Lulu Wilson) going through an excruciating childhood with a bleak future. Their terrible lives take a turn for the worst when they open the Pandora’s Box in their new-found home. The demon of their long-dead daughter finally comes home to roost. One by one, Annabel’s spirit comes back to haunt and torture the girls.

Reviews of Annabelle: Creation

The movie does an excellent job in revealing some of the aspects most viewers missed in the first movie. This fantastic movie is guaranteed to send cold chills down the spines of even the hardcore horror fans. The tension in Annabel Creation is palpable from the word go. Most of the action takes place in the scary and terrifying shadows. The rustic ambiance borrowed from the mid-50’s look surreal. The bass effect to the music and the choice of lighting are amazingly executed by the legendary horror director,


Rarely do producers and directors succeed in getting a horror flick sequel right. But, surprising that just happened with Annabel. The Conjuring spin-off, Annabelle: Creation has been received warmly by seasoned critics and fans all over the globe. Annabelle 2 is, therefore, a must see a horror flick for the die-hard fans who aren’t scared of gory, blood-curdling scenes.

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