Education and Learning YouTube Videos Get 4X More Views Than YouTube Cat Videos

Education and Learning YouTube Videos Get 4X More Views Than YouTube Cat Videos

Do you think cat videos are big on YouTube? Education and Learning related videos get 4 times more watch time compared to animal, pet related videos. In the latest emerging trends YouTube is being used more as a self-learning tool, where DIY and education videos are leading more watch time compared to entertainment related videos.

Over the recent year’s educational content have exploded in viewership on YouTube. Educational contents on YouTube exceed 500M views daily. People are not only turning towards YouTube for watching educational videos, but DIY, Learning and education related videos also top the charts when it comes to viewer engagement. More than a million educational videos gets shared daily on YouTube.  Not only in US, learning videos topped the charts in terms of viewer watch time globally and over 50 percent of educational related videos are uploaded from outside of the U.S.

This trend has shaped how brands interact with viewers too. Brands are increasingly turning towards educational ads and content for viewer engagement.

Any good teacher will tell you that its important to be a good edu-tainer too. Mr. Yancey’s Civil War remix toped YouTube charts. A YouTube channel does not have to explicitly focus on education and learning. For Example, StacyPlays combined her passion for Minecraft with learning and created one of the successful opportunities by creating videos that combine both Minecraft and learning. Her “Minecraft Field Trips”  lets you experience Minecraft adventures in real life.

Youtube viewership

skill-building, entrepreneurship, and small business are increasing turning toward YouTube for Vocational learning. This is evident from the graph below. Compared to general educational videos, Niche learning are increasingly becoming popular. EmpowerRN, a channel that provides interview tips exclusively focuses on content specific on how to nail a job interview for new nurses and for those interested in nursing, the channel shares highly specific tips for interviews.

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