98% Of Target’s Shoppers Shop Digitally

98% Of Target’s Shoppers Shop Digitally

Before internet, department stores and retailers counted distribution of printed catalogues as main growth measurement. The more catalogues reached more mailboxes meant more attention and more sales. But this does not make any sense today. More brands are stuck in similar situation where in they have adapted to desktop marketing and is their main measure of growth where the game has shifted to mobile-first.

According to reports from Google of 75 percent of adults start their purchase activity over a mobile device.  Target is a great example of this mobile-first shift. Target started using store visits data to better align their measurement with offline sales impact of their digital marketing. When Target noticed increasing number of their customers were starting their shopping experiences on their mobile, Target had to revaluate a few things from the perspective of consumers who were not shifting to mobile-first.

This shift to mobile marketing and mobile measurement, amplified growth impact for Target and Target used this insight to create unified merchandising experience for their customers across all channels. This actually resulted in driving their customers into stores. As a result Target’s most valuable customers are their omnichannel shoppers.

Target’s omnichannel measurement revealed that over 98% of shoppers start their journey by researching product over mobile. This also revealed that Target’s omnichannel shoppers 3x more on average in shopping compared to single channel shoppers or traditional shoppers.

Ref: ThinkWithGoogle

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