What You Can and Cannot Do With Amazon’s Echo Show – Review

What You Can and Cannot Do With Amazon’s Echo Show – Review

An ancient saying goes, “All you have to do is, ask for it”. Amazon has brought this saying to reality by empowering Alexa into a new device called ‘Echo Show’. Every action can be carried out by this very smart device on the prompt of your voice command.

Coupled up with video assistance, beam-forming technology and 8 microphones, the device has been designed for providing visibility and accessibility from across the room. The powerful Echo Show can hear you from across the room even if it is playing some custom music playlist of your choice. Audio powered by Dolby speakers, the listener is bound to enjoy the immersive music experience.

Weighing 1170 grams, the device works on the simple command when you say “Alexa”. This wake word is truly magical in all senses. Providing hands-free video calls with the help of Alexa, for users to connect with their families and loved ones, this device will lend an extra hand. However, these calls can be made only to the people who are either using an Echo Show device or are using the Alexa app.

You can literally drop in on your closed ones wherein you can just casually check in on them. With the power of Alexa, you can buy online stuff off the store, get the lyrics with Amazon Music and much more. Controlling your smart home devices, you can use this device the way you like.

In the truest sense, this device can replace your bedside alarm and let you view pictures on your Prime Photo account. The Eco Show derives its power from a power adapter and a 6ft cable. The Echo Show smart device will approximately cost $229.00 and will start shipping on June 28th, 2017.

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