Target Mother’s Day Sales and Deals 2017

Target Mother’s Day Sales and Deals 2017

Using excellent sales techniques to meet financial goals is an ideal strategy for any store, Target included. The most common methods include providing attractive deals, offering outstanding customer service, and addressing the needs of the clients.

So, what has Target prepared for its customers, in terms of sales and deals? Keep on reading to find out!

RedCard Account

Starting from the 7th of May, Target provides a unique coupon, which gives you 10 percent sale off each Target shopping trip. To take advantage of this offer, you should open an REDcard account.

Still, carry in mind that this 10 percent off coupon doesn’t include prepaid cards, gift cards, Google products, DSLR cameras and lenses, Target Mobile purchases, Apple, clinic Target Optical and similar purchases.

What are other advantages to getting a RedCard account? You get free shipping on any online order, and you benefit from 5 percent off purchases in stores and online.

Target Coupons and Promo Codes

Of course, Target also offers a plethora of promo codes and coupons that could really reduce the costs of your purchases. For instance, you can get a 15 percent discount off selected tech accessories.

There is also a promotion for patio furniture. And that is not all; Target has various offers in the clothing department as well. For example, many dresses and rompers have a 50 percent discount, which is remarkable.

Get Ready for Mother’s Day

As you probably already know, big stores such as Target always provide excellent deals whenever an important holiday is around the corner. Considering that Mother’s day is approaching, you can benefit from 20 percent off women’s jewelry and accessories.

In addition, you get 50 percent off for women’s dresses, shoes, and up to 35 percent off for outdoor accessories such as plants, lighting, garden décor, and so on. Nonetheless, the upcoming weeks are full of surprises at Target, which makes shopping there pretty irresistible.

You can use the code LOVEMOM to get 35 percent off for any furniture purchase. Also, you benefit from another 25 percent off for picture frames, as they make the perfect gifts for Mother’s Day.

And this isn’t all. Mother’s Day has more in store for Target customers. You can save up to 10 percent on baby furniture, gear bedding and more if you select Order Pickup.

To conclude, as Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, you can take advantage of some pretty great deals at Target. So, make sure you check them out – their deals are really enticing!

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