How To Make Most Of Upcoming Sales and Deals at Walmart

How To Make Most Of Upcoming Sales and Deals at Walmart

Who doesn’t like seeing the “Sales” banner decorating their favorite supermarket? “Sales” means “cheap,” so it’s obvious that we wouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to get our hands on some budget-friendly stuff.

Deals will come in a variety of forms: they can be simple low prices, or they can be combined with rebate apps, coupons or rollbacks. Together, they will save you a good deal of money.

Top Sales Offered at Walmart

Here are some upcoming deals at Walmart that you will definitely love to grab.

Raised Garden Beds

Want to give your garden a kick? Well, Walmart – together with a few third-party merchants – are cutting off 60% of the price from several raised garden beds. The BCP Raised Vegetable Garden Bed, for instance, has been dropped from $199.85 to $84.95. You basically save $115.00. Plus, if your order is larger than $35, you are qualified to receive free shipping (which normally would have cost you $5.99).

Clearance Toys

Have kids at home that need to be kept entertained? Walmart offers discounts for toys marked as “clearance,” with the prices starting up at $1. You can opt for many toys, going from Disney to My Little Pony, Hot Wheels or LEGO. Plus, if your order excels $35, you will be eligible for free shipping.


Do you want to be in shape at all times? Walmart reduces the CAP Barbell Dumbbells once more and sells the set for $9.20 instead of its original listing price of $20.79. You will save $11.59.

Further Deals and Discounts

If you aren’t the kind of person who likes to order stuff online, we have some good news for you. Starting this May, Walmart offers additional discounts to those opting for in-store pickup. Simply look for the marked items. The amount of the discount will depend on the value of the product that you want to purchase. These products can be anything from toys to baby gear, furniture, and appliances.

Labor Day will also bring a lot of discounts. If you shop on that day, you will have 65% off from any kitchen appliances, home clearance items, furniture, TVs and more. The electronic clearance may go as high as 85%, and depending on the purchase, you may also be eligible for free shipping no matter your residence.

Go through the Walmart catalog and see the extended list of deals and offers. If you shop wisely, you can save money regardless of your purchase.

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