Halloween: The Night Evil Died 2017, Cast & Release Date

Halloween: The Night Evil Died 2017, Cast & Release Date

2017 is going to be a good year for horror movies enthusiasts. It Comes At Night, the much-awaited sequel to Jeepers Creeper 2, Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral, the remake of Stephen King’s IT, Saw: Legacy and many others are set to make our blood run cold this year.

Halloween: The Night Evil Died, the sequel to Halloween Resurrection comes out a little later on this year, too.

The Halloween Franchise

The first Halloween movie was made by John Carpenter, the titan of horror films, in 1978. It has since spawned seven sequels, each of them made by other directors with an inclination for successful slashers. The opinions on all these sequels were definitely divided, but that’s just something that occurs naturally whenever a movie continues in various versions for years.

What’s really interesting about the franchise is that it always had a huge base of fans with very little advertisement. It’s also proof that Michael Myers is a truly enduring character that’s been fueling our nightmares for decades now.

Many directors have had their takes on the continuations to the 1978 version. The sequel The Night Evil Died is directed by Kohl V. Bladen (mainly known for Inception) and Jeffrey J. Moore. In spite of the fact that it’s being directed by not-so-known directors, we can expect that The Night Evil Died to raise the bar or at least not lower it.

Halloween: The Night Evil Died Cast

Of course, there cannot be a Halloween movie without Tony Moran, who has played the role of the antagonist of the franchise, Michael Myers. Other names you might be familiar with are Juli Erickson (who’s credited for approximately 100 roles), Sarah Cortez, Brandon Tyler Russell and Emily Pearse.

Loyal Thomas Ruddell, Gradey Filion, Jenna Marie Miles, Sarah Palmer and Matt Hough are also playing minor roles in the movie.

Although the Indiegogo campaign didn’t go quite as planned (only a small sum of $3,199 was raised from a goal of $75.000), it seems that we have a release date.

Halloween: The Night Evil Died Release Date

The film is set to hit the American movie theaters on the 13th of October 2017, so we’ve got to wait just a little more. But since it’s close to the actual Halloween holiday, it makes the wait easier to deal with. So brace yourselves, time’s flying by.

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