If immigrants can study in US, why can’t they work: Oracle CEO

If immigrants can study in US, why can’t they work: Oracle CEO

Since the trump presidential takeover, it has been a tough time for immigrants residing in the country. The US Visa system is being re-drafted in a direction to keep the immigrants out of the US jobs.

Considering the same, Oracle’s CEO, Mark V. Hurd has voiced his opinion in the favour of these second-hand citizens. He has questioned the Visa loop by letting out the statement that if the US can allow these immigrants to study in the country, why is it despising the job shares.

At the global media meet at the Oracle’s headquarter, Mark said, “We have been very supportive to immigrants. They are studying in some of the best schools in the country. We let them come and learn here. Why won’t we let them work here?” He further said, “My top job is to see Oracle compete, innovate and win against all odds.”

The CEO also notified about the company’s plan on bringing back the overseas investment amount worth $50 billion and put it back in the US. With an aim to drive growth in the country, Oracle is supposedly eyeing the repatriation.

In the ‘Recode Decode Podcast’, he added, “We have many talented engineers at US universities. They have come from some place other than the US. We would like to hire them. We are doing a lot of R&D here at the campus. We want growth and need talented people to spur innovation.”

Countries like India provide the largest numbers of developer and engineers workforce to Oracle and with the norms for H-1B visas, this is going to be largely affected. In fact, 86 per cent of the issued H-1B visas for the computer related companies, are in the name of Indians. With the strict Visa laws, the figure can dive down to as less as 60 per cent or even more.

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