Simple Yet Creative DIY Mothers Day Gifts Ideas

In a few days, the most awaited gift giving day dedicated to all mothers will take place Mothers Day 2017 on 14 May. Gifts will be scavenged with Mothers Day sales and deals, precious stones will be bought from jewellery stores and memorable words of gratitude will be shared on this day. For those who have the luxury of money and time to go out of town and spend an overnight stay with their mothers, it is just as elegant as the diamonds that are sold at a high price during this celebration. The good news is that there are other less expensive ways and treats that one can give to their mother as a present as memorable as how everyone else remembers the day they gave birth.

Do-it-yourself projects have been the craze for a while now. You do not have to spend your savings on expensive gifts that do not have any personal touch. You have the freedom to go through your pile of woodworks, arts and crafts and use them to make your mother teary-eyed for at least a minute. Let me remind you as well that these DIY mother’s day gifts are easy and enjoyable to make.

DIY Card from Scratch

You read it right! Do-it-yourself greeting cards will surely bring a tear to your mum’s special day. Look for paper crafts that you’ve kept from your precious art project and put on some beads and glitters in a heart shape or spell out the word M-O-M at the center of the card and put your simple words of appreciation.

DIY Tool Box

Do you still have that box from your pair of shoes? Embark on being the next Picasso and draw the most memorable day you spent with your mum and express how much you enjoyed that time with her. Put a little surprise picture of you and your mum in the box then wrap it with a clear plastic cover or your leftover gift wrapper. You can even cut images from old magazines. Just don’t cut the ones that she owns and she has not read yet.

DIY Pillow

Whenever the children are not around, mothers feel empty and lonely. Why not create a DIY pillow out of old beddings, cotton, pillows then sew it your way. Look for materials that you can add as an accent on the pillow which your mum will surely love.

DIY Candy/Gift Jar

If you still have that mason jar, then decorate it. Get some sweet candies for your mum’s sweet tooth or maybe healthy and organic candies that she can munch while watching TV. Put on a label that says “For Mum Only” so your niece or nephew or your children will not attempt to empty their grandma’s treats. You might also want to add a daily dose of sweet nothings on each candy to add that personal touch.

These are simple ways on how to celebrate mothers on their special day. You don’t have to spend a fortune on overpriced flowers and chocolates when you can make you own. DIY mother’s day gifts are more appreciated than that of items bought from the store and wrapped by the gift-wrapping section where you bought it. It would not hurt if you spend at least a day looking for materials at home for your DIY project. After all, mothers happen to spend their time looking after you and your well-being.

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