Moon Mining Closer as NASA Seeks Commercial Cargo Service to Moon

Moon Mining Closer as NASA Seeks Commercial Cargo Service to Moon

In a bid to advance with its space mining endeavour, NASA has requested the private industries to provide information on cargo transportation to the surface of the moon. The proposals include info about transporting the samples from the moon back to the Earth.

The issued ‘Request for Information’ read, “NASA has identified a variety of exploration, science, and technology demonstration objectives that could be addressed by sending instruments, experiments, or other payloads to the lunar surface. To address these objectives as cost-effectively as possible, NASA may procure payloads and related commercial payload delivery services to the Moon.”

In a statement by NASA’s associate administrator for science, Thomas Zurbuchen, he said, “Today’s call for ideas from our industry partners is an important step for us to continue lunar exploration and beyond.”

Also, Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA associate administrator for human exploration and operations said that NASA was interested in understanding how commercial lunar cargo transportation opportunities can help advance their knowledge of the moon and its potential resources for exploration.

Devoid of any technical specifications, the request for information stayed ambiguous about the exact purpose. NASA definitely wants to pep-up its space exploration game as early as in the year 2018; and by successfully assessing the quotes and information for the transit, it can take on the space mining tasks through the next decade.

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