The Secret to Finding the Very Best Shopping Deals

The Secret to Finding the Very Best Shopping Deals

In this globalized market place, most of us just love to hunt for our favourite styles, brands and trends. We even plan a whole day hanging out at malls and different shopping outlets, often dining at the lavish food chains located inside those glamorous retail buildings. But have you ever considered checking out your closest thrift stores for a steal deal?

Take a second to imagine the flip side of excessive consumerism. We buy tons of clothing, accessories, and home ware in any given month or year (depending on your shopping frequency) that we quickly lose interest in! Or in other words, they get old and boring. So what do people with their stuff that’s gone out of fashion? Well, they donate it to the thrift stores. And as crazy as it may sound, some of these items often hit the thrift shelves completely unused. Most items are as good as new. Initially, I was hesitant to go inside a lack lustre less thrift store to pick up on the latest trends but once I stopped and really took a look, I found some crazy deals on items that I could’ve never afforded otherwise.

I love leather which is an expensive love for sure. A decent genuine leather jacket costs anywhere from $200 to over thousands of dollars. Being a student with very little disposable income, I was ecstatic when I found a grey lamb coat from Danier for a humble $15! I could not believe my chances and thus began by thrifting addiction.

I was surprised to later discover that most of my friends who are high into fashion regularly scavenged thrift stores. Now I knew that my friend Victoria’s beautiful cherry coloured woolen scarf was a thrift store find for a meager $3!

Since, I have saved hundreds of dollars on first class items such as cheap furniture (yes, that’s correct), intricate lace curtains, high quality handbags and even book collections and jewellery thanks to my thrifting skills!

With the summer almost arrived, plan a thrift store haul with your friends and find some excellent deals on almost all the things you want or desire. While a few stores might appear to be dead, most major ones, for instance Salvation Army or Value Village, offer a wide range of as-fresh-as-new items for unbelievable prices when compared to the original prices of those brands. Just the other day, I found a Banana Republic blazer for my boyfriend for just $20. Later when I went to the brand’s website to check their prices for similar items, I found prices starting from $100! This should really give you an idea and if it does not, check it out for yourself today. All you need is the intention to save and an eye for the absolute best deals.

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