Plane Crashing Onto Highway Near Seattle Captured on Camera

Plane Crashing Onto Highway Near Seattle Captured on Camera

On Tuesday afternoon a small plane crashed in Mukilteo which obstructed traffic on State Route 525. It was reported by Paine Airport on Twitter that at around 3:40 p.m. the aircraft took off from one of their runways and crashed on getting to the end.According to the Federal Aviation Administration the plane crashed briefly after it departed from Paine Airport which is located north of Seattle. It was also reported by Tom Little who is an Aviation Accident Investigator with NTSB that at about 500-1000 feet away from the ground an engine malfunction was experienced.

An Officer of the Mukilteo police who goes by the name Myron Davis reported that the first place of contact by the crashing plane was the power lines. As the plane crash landed it struck several electricity cables and traffic lights resulting into a huge fire ball before crashing into Harbor Point Boulevard Southwest. Mukilteo Police confirmed that neither no life was lost nor injuries sustained along with the crash but several vehicles were damaged.Photos released by the police shows at least one SUV that appears to have its engine damaged by fire. They also said that the speedway has both of its directions closed down but was reopened to traffic by 5 pm on Tuesday while roads in the vicinity of the crash were still closed for proper investigation to be carried out.

Khal Nouri who was one of the eye witnesses was opportune to see the plane as it went over his car because he was stopped by the red light. According the Khals report he thought it was the end of their lives but he also could not stop praising the pilot who showcased a high level of professionalism by navigating the plane away from buildings to prevent lives from being lost. A nearby resident, Ron Cohen who is a pilot himself also agrees with Khal Nouri. The right landing gear of the plane collapsed and the pilot tried to direct the plane to come to a halt far away from vehicles.

Amanda Hayes who was also an eye witness driving to work with her colleague, reported that she had a feel of the fireball as the plane went right over her car, She also expressed how terrified she felt and how glad she was to find out no life was lost or injured in the process.

The crash led to power outage due to its impact on the power lines. According to Snohomish County Public Utility District the power outages which resulted from the crash were restored on Tuesday afternoon.

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