Obamas to build the Obama Presidential Centre in Chicago

Obamas to build the Obama Presidential Centre in Chicago

With the new Republican President taking up the White House, a lot of Americans have been wondering about their favourite ex President’s whereabouts. Well, turns out that America’s one of the most beloved families, the Obamas are returning to Chicago on Wednesday for a community event where the upcoming Obama Presidential Centre will be discussed at lengths. The Centre is to be built in Chicago’s Jackson Park serving both as a library as well as the headquarters of the Obama Foundation.

The primary goals of the Presidential Centre will be encouraging civic engagement and working towards social change. Michelle Obama tweeted this morning that she and her husband will continue to fight for issues that concern them most, one of which is girls education. Earlier this week however it was reported that the Trump administration had called for ending the “Let Girls Learn” initiative although the White House later confirmed the program had not been changed.

Since leaving the White House, Obamas have been residing in Washington’s Kalorama neighbourhood where their daughter, Sasha, is finishing her high school. Michelle has been spotted in Soul Cycle classes and restaurants around the area and the former President made multiple trips to New York City. Last month, the Obamas were seen vacationing in the South Pacific with Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks.

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