Top 3 Easy To Do DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mothers Day 2017

Top 3 Easy To Do DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mothers Day 2017

Mark your calendars and don’t forget, this year’s Mother’s Day is on May 14th. There is still plenty of time to prepare your gift for your Mom. What’s more is that you can make the gift yourself to add that personal touch rather than just buying one from the gift shop. Moms have a soft spot for personalized and DIY gifts for sure. Nothing shows your love for your Mom better than producing something with your own hands and putting in the effort. In this post, we will look at some of the Mother’s Day gift ideas and DIY inspirations.

Fingerprint Painting

You Mom wouldn’t care if you’re not a Picasso or a Dali. If you create a painting, that’s a masterpiece for her. What you can do is to gather up the whole family (except you Mom, of course since it’s going to be a surprise) and decide on the picture you want to paint. When you have decided on one, prepare non-toxic paints and assign each family member with a color. You won’t be needing to use a brush because you will be using your fingers with this painting. This way, your Mom will be able to see those cute little fingerprints of her kids.

Mini Herb Garden

A mini herb garden is perfect for moms who love to cook. To prepare this, get one plant dish or even just an ordinary pot. The effort you will be putting in it will make it extraordinary later on. Next, gather up some herbs such as basils, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, and parsley. You can combine any of these herbs and arrange them in the pot. You can start preparing this mini herb garden now so that the plants can have some time to adjust to the new environment. In the meantime, hide it from your Mom before Mother’s Day but make sure it gets the right amount of sunlight and water.

Up-Cycled Flower Vases

With this idea, you won’t only be making your Mother happy. You’ll be making Mother Earth happy as well. In your home, look for old wine bottles or even jars. You can do just about anything with these bottles. You can paint them or decorate them in any way you want. Better yet, paint them with your Mom’s favorite colors. You can also place a poem around the bottle to express your love for her. Anything goes. Just don’t forget the flowers that you’ll be putting in the up-cycled flower vases on Mother’s Day.


These three are just some of the things you can do to surprise your Mom on Mother’s Day. You can do just about anything and it will surely make her smile. Our Moms are easy to please, especially when she knows you’ve put in the effort just to express how much you love her. Be creative and do something unique and personal. The sky’s the limit in terms of what you can do for your Mom on Mother’s Day.

Also, remember that you don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day to show your Mom you utmost love and affection. Any day can be Mother’s Day if you want it. But just to be safe, don’t forget that it’s on the 14th. Good luck and have fun!

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