Amazon’s Brand Registry to Fight Counterfeits

Amazon’s Brand Registry to Fight Counterfeits

The e-commerce giant is currently testing a tactic that will help it remove counterfeit goods from its website, thus reassuring vendors that the marketplace it provides is in their best interests.

This step of Amazon to remove such goods from its marketplace will provide assurance to the brand owners that the service provider they chose is actually an ally and not a threat to their business.

From next month onwards, the brands can register their logo through brand registry program of Amazon. This will help Amazon in taking down those listings and seller accounts that deal with counterfeits. This facility of registering will be available for free in North America. This revelation was made by the vice president of Amazon Marketplace, Peter Faricy just ahead of his presentation at the Shoptalk commerce conference that is held in Las Vegas.

Amazon provides its marketplace for a commission to the retailers and it also sells advertising services to the third parties. There have been incidences on Amazon where the counterfeits managed to sell the faulty versions of authentic goods at deep discounts leading to lawsuits. One such incident happened with Apple product as well.

Some retailers have also alleged that Amazon controls the sales process too much and at times creates the private-label copies of those items that are top-selling. It then sells them to the customers at a discounted price. Faricy rubbishes all such allegations by saying that there is no data that supports any such happening.

Amazon has a huge customer base of more than 300 million customers, which enabled nearly 100,000 retailers on it to generate $100,000 each last year. Faricy said that it had made it possible for the small retailers to deliver their products to the customers by making the last mile connectivity affordable.

Faricy specified that Amazon’s efforts to protect the sellers’ interest against counterfeit products are right now at an early stage. He said, “I don’t think it’s the kind of thing where you ever feel like there’s a clear ending. It’s a journey.”

Besides providing the registry option, Amazon is also coming up with a program called ‘Transparency.’ This enables the sellers to label the packages with a particular code and the shoppers can cross-check if they received the same package or not against the official information.

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