Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Renault, Is Held Responsible for the Diesel Probe in France

Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Renault, Is Held Responsible for the Diesel Probe in France

The fraud consumer watchdog of France has informed the prosecutors that Carlos Ghosn, the boss of Renault is responsible and guilty for cheating in the diesel emissions scandal by the automaker. This news was given by a judicial source on Wednesday.

The source also informed that a dossier that was submitted by the anti-fraud organization DGCCRF of the finance ministry in the month of November included all these comments. When the organization discovered that there are certain breaches that can be suspected in the law of France by Renault, the prosecutors had initiated an investigation that was to take place formally after 2 months.

The allegations that were made by the watchdog that got published in the Daily Liberation on Wednesday aggravated the hardship of Renault as their shares witnessed a drop of 3.7 percent.

Renault, on the other hand, has been denying all the accusations and allegations that have been made against the carmaker. A comment from Carlos Ghosn has not been obtained till now and the finance ministry has also declined to the comment.

After the exposure of the diesel scandal by Volkswagen in the year 2015, various countries of Europe have already launched programs for investigative test on their own. These tests have concluded that some of the models by the automakers like Fiat, Chrysler, Renault, and GM have increased the emissions of nitrogen oxide by nearly ten times.

The test program by France has been operating under a committee for investigation and has taken action against automakers like Fiat Chrysler, PSA Group, and Volkswagen.

The judicial sources stated that DGCCRF in their reports regarding the investigations on Renault have reiterated the other media reports of France and held Carlos Ghosn, the Chief Executive Officer responsible for the managerial role in this case.

The full chain of Renault command should be held accountable; however, the emphasis is made only on the CEO as he had not delegated decision-making power on any other official as far as the strategies for the engine control were concerned.


Several auto manufacturing companies like Renault have successfully invoked a loophole in the European legal system. This loophole is dedicated to allow the ‘defeat devices’ to operate at the time when it’s needed for the protection and safety of the engine. Renault along with many of its peers said in the hearings of France that the vehicles had these devices, which were legal under the exemption of European Union. However, the decision-making panel said that any justification regarding the technicalities is yet to be proven.


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