Dakota Access Pipeline Receives Green Signal by Federal Judge, James Boasberg

Dakota Access Pipeline Receives Green Signal by Federal Judge, James Boasberg

The legal hurdle faced by Energy Transfer Partners LP has been resolved and the pipeline of Dakota Access will soon be flowing with oil as soon as the remaining half of its construction is completed.

The tribe of Native America had requested the court to halt the construction of the pipeline; however, on Tuesday the federal judge rejected their request and gave a green signal to the Dakota Access pipeline in contrary to the request of stopping the work and blocking it. The decision was taken by Judge James Boasberg in the federal court after he stated that the tribe that requested against the pipeline construction has made the court wait for the final decision for too long.

The reason for the conflict was that the pipeline had to be constructed under the lake Oamha created by the tributary of the Missouri river. The Native American tribe argued that the construction under the lake Oamha will hinder with their source of clean drinking water and also disrupt their cultural site, which is very significant according to their religious beliefs.

On Monday, the attorneys for Dakota Access LLC led by the ETP Consortium, which is responsible for the construction of the pipeline, informed the court that the pipelines will commence the transportation of oil as early as 20th March. The pipeline is stretching over a distance of 1,172 miles and will be dedicated to carry crude from the shale of the northwestern Dakota, which is popular for its richness in oil to a terminal located at Patoka in Illinois.

The entire project has summed up to a handsome amount of 3.8 billion. This project has also acted as an example of the policies made by the Trump administration when it comes to fossil fuels and it is absolutely a stark reversal of the position that was undertaken by the former President Barack Obama. This project also sees how the protests carried out by the environmentalists and the tribe has been silenced by the decision taken by the court.  

During the administration of the former president Obama, a similar project had taken place where the Standing Rock, which was a Sioux band, had protested and initiated a fight in the month of July against the routing through their land that they considered historic. Unlike the administration under Trump, the administration under Obama had been considerate about their feelings and halted the project. But in the case of Dakota Access Pipeline, the administration of Trump has negated the pleas and several requests of the Native American tribe and has consented to the construction company to go forth with the project.

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