Two Corporate Giants behind New York City’s “Fearless Girl” Statue

Two Corporate Giants behind New York City’s “Fearless Girl” Statue

A bronze statue of a little girl fearlessly facing the Wall Street’s charged-up Bull did not appear all of a sudden in the middle of the night at Manhattan’s financial district. It actually took some months of serious planning by 2 corporate giants for installing the Fearless Girl just in time for the International Women’s Day.

Within a matter of hours, she went on to become the talk of the town, a well-sculpted celebrity drawing crowds as the symbol of  woman’s right to move to power positions. The State Street Global Advisors, the $2.5 trillion assets managing company, created this statue of the fearless girl project along with McCann New York, one of the globe’s premium ad agencies whose client is State Street. The financial giant actually wanted to spread a serious message and that is a lot more women must be now appointed to the boards of Russell 3000, which is a broad index of the U.S. companies.

Only around 16 percent of the board seats in these Russell 3000 firms are actually held by the women, as per ISS Analytics, one of the business research companies. Even on State Street’s radar, there are nearly about 500 other big firms in the Great Britain and also in Australia. The main aim of this statue was to actually build what the ad experts basically call a kind of brand experience of the product or the message by using some sort of creative, unique vehicle, which in this case is a sculpture that was created by the artist Kristen Visbal.

Jeremy Miller, the spokesman of McCann stated that the new thing actually went viral and it even spread globally. He stated that he is checking his Twitter feed and it is still experiencing a constant flow that is filled with a lot of images of the Fearless Girl. In the 20 years of advertising, he has not really seen anything like this.

Last week, the streams of gleeful fans went on to pose for pictures with this 250 pound statue of the fearless girl as she stared down the 7K pound Bull. McCann had obtained a week’s permit from this city prior to starting off the installation in Bowling Green Park at around 4 AM (Tuesday), finishing it off as the sun rose on yet another NYC business day.

The Bull was dropped onto place at the middle of the Manhattan night by the artist Arturo Di- Modica and his group, who did not have the permit. This highly powerful piece was the symbol of Americans’ “can do” energy following 1987 crash in the stock market, and it went on to prove popular that the city allowed this bull to stay.

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