Tegel and Schoenefeld Airports in Berlin Witness a Strike: Over 650 Flights Grounded

Tegel and Schoenefeld Airports in Berlin Witness a Strike: Over 650 Flights Grounded

The airports of Berlin recently witnessed an out-of-the-ordinary experience. This incident caused inconvenience and discomfort to a large number of passengers who were waiting to board on their respective flights. A strike took place at the two airports of Berlin.

All the staff at the ground level managed to kick off a strike that continued for 25 hours. This has greatly affected the working of the airport and disrupted all its operations. The strike has also affected of 650 flights or more, which will be a huge loss for the two airports.

The two airports involved in this strike in the city of Berlin are the Schoenefeld and Tegel Airports. The staff of these two airports had commenced the strike at 4 am that is 0300 GMT time on Monday morning.

Sources have revealed that this is not the first time that the staff has carried out a strike. Before this event, there have been many instances where the crew at the ground level of the airport had walked out for a few weeks in the past. The reason for this strike has been stated as some dispute and disagreement over the payment terms and payment to be received by the officials working at the airports.

This Friday, the two airports implemented a strike similar to this and about 700 flights were forced to get cancelled and grounded.

The dispute over the pay began when the union of the service workers – that is Verdi – stated that they demand higher wages for approximately 2,000 workers who are involved with the handling of the passengers as well as their baggage. The authority of the airports refused to agree to this demand as a result of which the ground staff decided to start a strike in order to get their demands fulfilled.

A statement was released by the two airports, which said that Tegel will be having 448 flights cancelled. On the other hand, Schoenefeld will experience the cancellation of 194 flights.

Several other airlines like Lufthansa along with British Airways, Air Berlin, Ryanair, and EasyJet have been affected from this strike and have their flights cancelled. The airline Lufthansa will be cancelling their flights from Munich, Frankfurt, and Berlin both ways and made this declaration on Monday.

The demand of the union states that the ground staff must be subjected to a rise in pay, which is 12 euros for each hour – that is about 12.80 dollar and 10.50 pound. The initial pay was 11 euros. The rise in pay is applicable to an agreement collectively operating for 1 year.


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