Relation of Oculus and Zenimax Sour Once Again as Oculus CTO Sues Zenimax

Relation of Oculus and Zenimax Sour Once Again as Oculus CTO Sues Zenimax

A rift has been seen again in the relation between Oculus and ZeniMax Media.

John Carmack, the CTO of Oculus has claimed that his former employer – ZeniMax is in possession of the earnings that belong to him.

The first conflict pertaining to the suit of trade secrets was worth 6 billion dollars. This conflict had ended the previous month and a judgement worth 500 million dollars was made against Oculus. This time, John Carmack has sued ZeniMax Media for not paying him his share for the sale of ID Software.

ID Software was a game studio built by the CTO of Oculus, John Carmack and had become a pioneer platform for games like Quake and Doom, which were classic. Carmack claims that he has share of about 22.5 million dollars and it has not been paid to him since the year 2009. But the lawsuit has revealed that the company ZeniMax Media had already paid a sum of 150 million dollars for the ID Software game studio.

The details, as stated in the document, suggest that Carmack had a share of 45 million dollars from the acquisition of the ID software to Zenimax. In the year 2011, he had converted about half of that amount into nearly half a million shares in the common stock of ZeniMax, but the other half of his amount as the earnings have not yet been received by Carmack from Zenimax. He also said that he has made a number of formal requests in the past.

ZeniMax Media is a publisher of games and has earned its reputation owing to the titles like Skyrim. Carmack continued to be overboard with Zenimax till the end of 2013 as long as his contract permitted. After this, he had joined Oculus VR and worked as its CTO.

Reports indicate that Carmack stated the reason as to why ZeniMax Media is not paying him his shares and it is because the suit of Zenimax says that they have a number of allegations that suggest that Carmack has violated terms mentioned in his employment agreement. The sources assume that this has to be linked with the suit Zenimax filed against Oculus regarding the theft of the secret trades.

In spite of the fact that Oculus was not found guilty and it had made no breach of any contract, the judgment was given against Oculus and 2 of the founders were convicted for holding false designations, infringement of copyright, and NDA of Palmer Luckey.

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