Salesforce and IBM Will Share Their AI Technologies without Sharing Their Revenues

Salesforce and IBM Will Share Their AI Technologies without Sharing Their Revenues

The multifaceted IBM and the company Inc. have decided to enter collaboration. They have agreed to merge their respective artificial intelligence technologies to increase their sales in the data analytics offerings.

This announcement was made on Monday and both the companies said that they will integrate the Artificial Intelligence services and weave the learning capabilities and the human like conversation of Watson by IBM and the sales-oriented technology of Einstein by Salesforce.

These new offerings will be available from the 2nd half of the current year. They are aiming to provide assistance to several companies in multiple sectors to target the services and products at customers in a more efficient and effective manner.

According to the agreement, IBM will be putting Watson in front of a broader business audience. The company has built the system of artificial intelligence with commendable efforts in order to reinvent themselves in the era of cloud computing. These services will be made available to several industries (for example, automobiles, health care and financial services). On the other hand, Salesforce will aim to increase the system availability for the companies with the help of their sales team.

The deal is advantageous for Salesforce as it will incorporate the capabilities of artificial intelligence in most of its products and will overpower the competition it receives from tech powerhouses like Oracle Corp. and Microsoft Corp. IBM will be making use of customer service oriented software that is all over the company and thus provide Salesforce with marquee customers.

In spite of sharing the Artificial intelligence technology, both Salesforce and IBM will not be sharing the revenues they generate. They will sell the Artificial Intelligence services independently. But the collaboration will increase the reach over their customers in a much larger way as compared to what they would have done individually.

The technology of Einstein is designed with a purpose to comprehend the information of the customers of Salesforce, which can be classified under categories like the number of purchases by a particular customer.

On the other hand, Watson is specialized to interpret the information that cannot be categorized, like the text from various research papers or the posts in the social media. A majority of this information is obtained from the public sources and IBM purchased data sources. All the capabilities of Watson are majorly available as the cloud services set that can be used by customers to program and include in the software of their own.

When both these advanced technologies work together, the results will be great. Watson will weave the predictions about the local buying patterns with the data that is customer specific obtained by Einstein and they will together generate the shopping preferences.


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