Don’t judge the American dream just because it’s Blonde!

Don’t judge the American dream just because it’s Blonde!

Last I checked condoning everything that Donald Trump does was in fashion. So, in the name of fashion, I will rant around my perspective of the media’s frenzied portrayal of ‘Dear Mr. President’.

An elderly looking guy finally decides he is ready to achieve what everyone else thought was too ambitious for a tycoon. Well too bad for the ones who said ‘boo’ because that blondie just won the President elections and proved everyone again why he was such an overachiever. Now! What do we do? They thought and came up with the usual plan. Yeah the usual one, condemn and criticize everything he has done, is doing or would do.

Begin with the money that he has earned and brand him as corrupt capitalist mafia, as if the ‘honest politician’ ever existed anywhere else except books these days. Then came the young beautiful wife, oh such a vile creep to marry someone his daughter’s age! But honestly, if you ask me it’s still more honorable than having an affair with a girl your daughter’s age (Oh yes, I meant the righteous Clintons) and exhibiting uncharacteristic forgiveness for performance sake.

Yes, he wants to throw away all those illegal immigrants and Muslims from America but hey you did too when the 9/11 happened. Don’t tell me that your illusion of being safe was not shattered and that you did not doubt every Muslim you came across. And by the way, he categorical mentioned “Illegal Immigrants” which obviously the haters ignore and focus on the immigrant part. Before you start about being a humanitarian nation, let me remind you that you don’t keep others warm by burning down your own house.
I see you are gearing up for the next argument and you say he is a fool to invite trouble with China, world’s second most powerful country. Let me remind you once upon a time Russia used to hold that title. And today very proudly teach our kids about what a political Marwick our tricks were then.

Oh yes! I know you would talk about love thy neighbor thing too. Trump is still mild about just building wall at the Mexican borders, remember how in 1846 under James k. Polk, we declared war on them. I see your memory jogging down in haste.

I agree he is rather blunt about what he thinks and is not the typical politician who shies away from calling a spade a spade. What a loss for the media fraternity, it robs you the chance of twisting and mincing words as per your convince forcing you to take desperate measures to twist the facts and misquote everyone around him. Play with people’s mind and make them doubt him, his intentions.

He is talking about making America great again how is that even possible when you the media stand the chance of losing all those juicy rotten stuff to flash on the screen. He wants his son-in- law to hold an office, such hideous thing to do, how does it even matters that he is qualified for it. Oh, you are forgetting he just ensured that you little imps along with rest of America are safer by realigning focus on our defense and military budget. And yes he too likes you beloved Obama dared to send a team of navy seals to raid a compound at Yemen aiming to kill Qassim al-Rimi, the head of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. But since we don’t have that head like Obama did, you the media will cry about the loss, the same loss which you called vengeance for 9/11.

Seriously American media how low can you fall to make money and forget that once you were tools of revolution?

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