How Bill Gates taught one of his Microsoft Windows Customer a Lesson

How Bill Gates taught one of his Microsoft Windows Customer a Lesson

Bill Gates is constantly proving he is one of a tiny handful of the super wealthy’s better role models.
Not only is he set to shuffle off his mortal coil in the knowledge that the business he created had an impact, but also, he has shown he has no qualms about helping his customers solve problems caused by his business’s products.
It has come to light that on November 22, 1989, while Gates was on a guided travel around of Microsoft’s product holds up department new offices, he asked if he could take the next customer call.

According to Seth Manheim, who witnessed the event, Gates sat down, pulled on a headset and took the call.

Manheim reports Gates saying: “Hello, this is Microsoft manufactured goods hold, William language. How can I help you?”

After the customer has explained his problem, Gates searches the Microsoft product hold up Knowledge bottom. Gates, having found the solution, then talks the customer through how to fix the issue, wrapping up the call with: . “And express thanks you for using Microsoft products.”

Gates at no point identified himself as the founder and CEO of Microsoft. All he said was his name was “William”. As a result the customer was in the dark about the honour he had been granted by being spoken to by one of the richest men in the world.

The event that Manheim witnessed took put while most of the hold up staff team were at lunch, but, news travelled fast, and it was not long before everyone in the department knew about the time the big boss himself had taken a product hold up call.

Subsequently, the support team received another call with a take notes question from the same customer.

According to the Microsoft Developer blog the customer this time said: “Hi, I call you folks with a disaster with XYZ, in addition to I talk by a kind man named William who straightened it all out. other than I have a new question. Can I speak with William?”

The response was allegedly: “Okay, let me see if William is available.” But when the product support trick brought up and doing the customer’s examine record and saw the name of the carry persuade who handled the earlier call was billg., he could not hold back and said: “Yeah, um, I’m sorry, but William is not obtainable correct at the present. His friends call him Bill, by the way. The being who help you last time? That was Bill Gates.”

The customer’s reply was simply “Oh my God.”

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