EPA Chief Has Vowed to Bring about a Quick Rollback of Rules in the Obama Era

EPA Chief Has Vowed to Bring about a Quick Rollback of Rules in the Obama Era

On Sunday, a session involving question and answer was conducted at the Conservative Political Action Conference. In this conference, the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt gave a speech. In his speech, he said that the agency could bring about a rolling back of the rules that were introduced during the Obama era. These rules will likely be regulated and made to comply within the upcoming week.

Scott Pruitt said that there is a need to regulate some of the rules in the upcoming future and the near term that must be rolled back and that too in an extremely aggressive way. He said that by the next week the public will be getting familiar about some of these rules.

Scott Pruitt however has not specified which rules in particular are likely to be targeted. But his words show that he is adamant about the fact that the EPA has been consistently overstepping its authority of under the administration carried out by the presidency of Barack Obama.

Scott Pruitt also told the attendees of the CPAC that the future will not be like what the situations used to be.

The head of the EPA, Pruitt also added that the executive agencies do not exercise control on their own. They can only use the power that has been vested to them by the Congress and the authority that Congress gives to them. The agencies do not have the power to make up as they progress and that is the reason that they are unable to fill in the required blanks at the required time.

Pruitt said that he has the vision to offer regulatory certainty to businesses so that it prospers further ahead.

Scott Pruitt also claimed that during the administration of Obama the focus was laid on greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide, and increasing global warming rather than the core mission of the Environmental Protection Agency, which was to ensure clean water and air.

Scott Pruitt also said that he believes that by the end of 8 years, the nation will reap the benefits of clean and improved water and purified air.

Though Pruitt has not specified the rules to be rolled back, it is likely that President Trump will be signing the concerned documentation on Monday and make EPA scrap the policy of the agency regarding Clean Water and Power Plan.

The Clean Power Plan was initiated as a measure to bring down the CO2 emissions that were introduced from the electricity generation.

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