Taco Bell Is Getting Rid of Naked Chicken Chalupa from Its Menu

Taco Bell Is Getting Rid of Naked Chicken Chalupa from Its Menu


Taco Bell has decided to remove naked Chicken Chalupa from its menu, and we can say that for the year 2017, it was not surprising. Though for many people the departure of the chicken should have been debated upon, its sudden exit has made them more confused and baffled.

Naked chicken Chalupa was available at Taco Bell for only a limited time. According to a spokesperson of Taco Bell, chicken chalupa was destined from the beginning to get pulled from its menu line. The people are confused because the menu of Taco Bell got rid of it so fast in spite of the fact that many liked its foldable, flat white and spiced chicken.

One of the people who had tasted chalupa reviewed it by saying that on the first bite, he had tasted just oil and thought that the chicken could have tasted better if the coating was crispier. But with every bite, he seemed to keep liking the taste and by the time he finished it he loved it. He also added that the taste could have been enhanced if the tomatoes used were riper, but since it was well mixed with the lettuce and cream as a dressing, it was not bad. To be sure that he loved it, he ordered a second one also and he said it that it was good.

About a month ago, Taco Bell dropped fried chicken shell chalupa and now effective from the month of March naked chicken chalupa will get discontinued too.

The reports by OC Registers tell that Taco Bell will discontinue Naked Chicken Chalupa, which was available for a limited time only. The chicken had been in the process of testing for 2 years and landed upon the menu to last for only 2 months.

The cost of Naked Chicken Chalupa was 2.99 dollars and its appearance on the menu of Taco Bell was seen on 26th January. It was prepared using a 4 ounce breaded piece that was fried and then seasoned with white meat chicken inside the shell. After that, it was filled with diced tomatoes, avocado ranch sauce, shredded lettuce, and cheddar cheese.

The OC Register was informed by a rep in fast food chains about the fact that naked fried chalupa was on the menu for 2 months, which is a great time as compared to the other short-lived food products. The testing of Naked Fried Chalupa had taken place in Bakersfield in the year 2015 and in the city of Kansas in the year 2016 before they had announced to make the product available all across the nations.

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