Carlos Ghosn Stepping Down as the CEO of Nissan

Carlos Ghosn Stepping Down as the CEO of Nissan

One of the world’s top leaders in the automotive industry, Carlos Ghosn is finally stepping down from his position as the Chief Executive Officer of Nissan.

It was because of his able mentorship that Nissan was transformed from financial ruins into a powerhouse of cars that became a global brand. Under the guidance of Ghosn, the Japanese manufacturer thrived and also became a centerpiece of the automotive industry that spanned across the entire Asia and Europe. Ghosn not only handled Nissan, but also handled Renault of France. This alliance had recently incorporated Japan’s Mitsubishi and Ghosn had been running this company also.

Hiroto Saikawa will be appointed as the successor of Ghosn. Saiwaka has been a part of the Nissan family since 1977 and was working in the position of Chief Competitive Officer till last year and he is also the chairman of the Manufacturing Association of Japanese Automobile.

The change in management will be effective from the 1st of April, and Ghosn will remain the chairman of the board of the company.

In a statement, Ghosn said that he will continue to guide and supervise the company as the chairman of Nissan and he will contribute to the evolvement of the alliance of Nissan- Renault- Mitsubishi.  

Carlos Ghosn was born in Brazil and completed his education from France. He then became the Vice President of the company Renault and acquired 5.4 billion dollar debt of Nissan in exchange for an equity stake worth 36.6 percent. This alliance made the entity emerge as the 4th largest automaker.

He became the CEO of Nissan in the year 2001 and made commendable efforts to bring it back to its profitability. A series of changes were brought about. Its product line had been revamped; new styles were introduced and more factors were incorporated that made the vehicles look much more attractive.

When asked how he brought about the turn-over of Nissan, Ghosn said that he did two things majorly. Firstly, he mobilized the managers of Nissan and identified the radical changes that were necessary to make. Secondly, he said that the culture of Renault helped to bring together the best elements of the national culture of Japan.

In the year 2004, he added the company Renault to this alliance, which made his travelling more frequent to ensure smooth functioning of both the companies. However, these visits consolidated his vision in a global perspective. In the month of December, he became the chairman of Mitsubishi. He has also mastered languages like Arabic, French, English, and Portuguese.

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