Spotify Moves to World Trade Center Creating 1000 Jobs in New York

Spotify Moves to World Trade Center Creating 1000 Jobs in New York

Spotify has come up with the idea of moving its headquarters in United States. The headquarters will now be at 4 World Trade Center in the city of Manhattan. This initiative has added over 1,000 jobs in the city of New York. This was announced in a press release by Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday.

Spotify has its headquarters at Stockholm in Sweden. Currently, it operates from its offices residing in Midtown Manhattan. The new headquarters is said to allocate an area of 378,000 sq. ft. and is likely to start its functioning from the initial months of the year 2018.

The governor, Andrew Cuomo also said that the relocation of Spotify is making the World Trade Center reach the status of becoming the very first office in a tower that is being leased entirely on the site of the World Trade Center. The World Trade center is 16 acres in area.

Spotify has been providing its customers with the ultimate music experience for quite some time now. All the customers who have availed the services given by this privately held music streaming service have agreed that it helps them to find the right kind of music. And this can be done on any of the devices like the phone, computer, or tablet.

Spotify has a collection of millions of songs and tracks. It gives you a wide range of tracks that are applicable to almost all situations whether you are working out, relaxing, or partying. The customers say that the right music is always available to them at their fingertips whenever they need them. You even have the choice to play a song for yourself or let Spotify play for you.

ESD (Empire State Development) has decided to assist the company and for this they are providing Spotify for a sum of approximately 11 million dollars. This money is being provided under the World Trade Center Rent Reduction Program rent credits for a period of 15 years under lease. This news was also confirmed by Cuomo.

ESD has awarded credits to many tech companies like Etsy and Snapchat in a similar way. Assisting in the creation of 1824 jobs and retention of 1513 jobs in New York, the aim of ESD is to help in the retention of talent and its expansion all over the state.

In the year 2016, Spotify had been named as the CNBC Disruptor. Moreover, with all the funding it received recently, the IPO has definitely skyrocketed. In the month of June, Spotify even hired the head for the relations in investments.

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