Sears and Kmart Join Hands with Other Retailers in Dropping Items under the Trump Brand

Sears and Kmart Join Hands with Other Retailers in Dropping Items under the Trump Brand

On Saturday, Sears Holdings and Kmart reported that they will cease the selling of 31 items, which are a part of the Trump collection that includes chandeliers, lamps and furniture.

A spokesperson of Sears, Brian Hanover said that streamlining efforts initiated this decision and they want to solely focus on products that will profit their company. He also said that both Sears and Kmart do not house the products of Trump Home.

However, both Hanover and the Trump organization have not responded in any way to the post by The Washington published on Sunday.

It has not yet been revealed as to which of the thirty-one items of Trump Home will be discontinued from the online stores of the two companies. As observed on Sunday, third party vendors sold around 14 items of the Trump home items at discounted prices.

Moreover, other companies like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Belk started to boycott the line of shoes, clothing, and jewelry by Ivanka Trump as an aggressive gesture of non- cooperation towards the Trump brand.

A campaign called ‘Grab your wallet’ has been initiated, which urges the shoppers to dissuade from buying the Trump products, although none of the retailers have confessed to address it directly. This campaign was formed with the help of consumer feedback and data stating how much the products were selling.

For example, Nordstrom said that the company made this decision based on the performance of the products and it has nothing to do with politics.

Belk, on Wednesday, released a statement saying that it values and lays a lot of emphasis on the feedback of its customers and therefore they have removed the Ivanka Trump products online, however they still keep a few of the merchandises in their stores.

Neiman Marcus, reiterating the same thought, also said that they assess the brands on the basis of their productivity.

The campaign ‘Grab your wallet’ was initiated in the month of October when a video was showcased where Donald Trump had bragged about groping women. The founder of the campaign, Shannon Coulter had criticized Nordstrom on Twitter for engaging with Ivanka Trump in business.

On Saturday, the Wall street Journal reported that Ivanka Trump’s line of fashion sale decreased by approximately 32 percent after this campaign.

As Nordstrom dropped Ivanka’s product line, Trump tweeted that Nordstrom had been unfair to his daughter.

Sean Spicer, the press secretary of the White House and Kellyanne Conway, the counselor have taken immediate actions to defend the first family and said that the decision of Nordstrom was a kind of direct attack on the policy of the president and an attempt to bring about bad name to Ivanka Trump.

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