Suzuki and Toyota to Shake Hands to Promote Safe and Green Technology

Suzuki and Toyota to Shake Hands to Promote Safe and Green Technology

The two Japanese mega giants in auto making sector, Suzuki and Toyota are planning to work together. They initiated their talks for partnership in October 2016.  And both these companies wish to work and contribute their expertise to the safe and ecological technology, which is gaining a lot of vigor and is growing rapidly in the automobile industry.

The brand name Toyota Motor Corp has been a manufacturer of the elegant Camry sedan, stylish Prius hybrid and awesome Lexus luxury models. On the other hand, Suzuki Motor Corp. has its specialization in producing high performing and attractive compact cars.

Both these companies consolidated their partnership by signing a memorandum as an agreement. This decision was made after the company boards of both the companies approved and then this decision was announced in the media.

The companies also said that there is scope for further collaboration in the field of information technology. In addition to this, they could also supply components and products to one another. This cooperation would be followed by the step to initiate cooperation projects that are more specific in nature.

Suzuki at present does not possess a hybrid, combination of fuel cell and electric vehicle, but this collaboration could provide opportunities in this direction also as self-driven cars are becoming very popular.

Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota appreciated the pioneering spirit of Suzuki and said that he is immensely thankful for the opportunity to work with Suzuki which as such a high status and repute and brims with the notion of challenges. He thinks that Toyota can learn and imbibe a lot from Suzuki.

The main drawback to work on futuristic technology that is ecological is that it is expensive. Thus, to reduce the cost further Suzuki and Toyota shook hands and are actively encouraging other automakers to join their partnership.

Osamu Suzuki, the chairman of Suzuki also said that they are at the beginning of a very cooperative and concrete relationship and want to give his entire efforts to make Toyota believe that this partnership was a very fruitful decision.  

He also said that their company Suzuki had been courting Toyota for this sort of partnership for the past many years.

As there is a worldwide concern for climate change and global warming, there is an urgency to come up with technologies that are based on renewable sources of energy and help to conserve our environment. This partnership between Toyota and Suzuki has opened the doors to the ideologies that will work to provide a green and safe environment.

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