Starbucks’ Refugee Plan Inspires Other Coffee Businesses to Hire 10,000 Veterans

Starbucks’ Refugee Plan Inspires Other Coffee Businesses to Hire 10,000 Veterans

After the famous Starbucks announced its decision to work for the welfare of the refugees and provide them with jobs over the span of the upcoming five years under their flagship, a veteran with a coffee business called the Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) has been motivated to come forward with its own hiring scheme favoring the former members of U.S service.

As, the newly elected President of United States, Donald Trump issued an order to forbid the visa holders and refugees from 7 majorly Muslim nations from all the privileges, there are some still concerned about the condition of the refugees. The CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz promised the people that he would hire 10,000 refugees from far and wide, including 75 countries.

This Wednesday, BRCC, which is owned by a veteran and operates on the purveyor of gourmet coffee, has reacted to the statement given by the global coffee chain expanding globally. Starbucks’ CEO on hiring of the refugees said that they would try to shift any conversation from the realm of foreign policy to the domestic issues that provide closure to bliss of homes.


CHENGDU, SICHUAN PROVINCE, CHINA – 2015/09/13: Coffee cup on table in a Starbucks cafe. Starbucks is streamlining the ordering process so customers are able to get that cup of coffee faster than usual. (Photo by Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Stressing on the goals and values of BRCC, the owner said that the BRCC family is driven by country – that is the people who pay taxes, veterans, business, and family.

Before this too, BRCC had created countless jobs at Starbucks. A blog post dated 31st January was published where Scott Lambin, the owner of BRCC said that he did not want his chains to suffer as it operated in 75 countries and also said that that Hipsterbucks, an acronym used by BRCC for Starbucks, possessed a heavy heart and they readily supported and favored building bridges instead of walls just as the situation presently being pursued at Mexico.

BRCC deals with coffeemakers along with a variety of latest and trending apparels, and much more. It also incorporates a monthly subscription for the delivery of services.

Thinking that the veteran-owned company BRCC is up to some good for the people, many are supporting their ideologies and tweeting on social media in favor of them. However, BRCC is yet to decide a timeline for the initiation of the plan of hiring, but it’s trying its level best to make the veteran hiring plan popular by making this hiring process very simple and easy to follow so that they can get maximum people interested in applying to the program. Currently, they are achieving this by means of posting the email address of the direct career on the Instagram platform.

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