Railways Is Now Pushing Renewable Energy for Attaining Cost-Efficiency

Railways Is Now Pushing Renewable Energy for Attaining Cost-Efficiency

In an attempt to adopt green technology, the Indian Railways is taking up the renewable energy approach for becoming more cost efficient. The Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu stated this in one of the meetings on Wednesday.

He stated that the Railway Ministry is giving in a major push for using renewable energy, electrification to ensure that there is sustainability as well as great cost efficiency. Mr. Prabhu was having a round table discussion with some of the external stakeholders. He added that it has always been a big challenge to manage the railway operation and also being sustainable environmentally at the same time. He stated that the Railways are now devising strategies to work on the main sustainability.  According to him, now after setting up a different directorate on environment, it will now not remain the peripheral activity and it is now getting integrated and will also complement the main activity.



Prabhu also brought forward the other green initiatives that the Railways have undertaken. Some of the initiatives like the land usage optimization, afforestation, restoration of water bodies and also cleanliness are some of the tasks that are given greater importance. Now Railways is working hard towards ensuring sustainability.

On the other end, the Minister of State for Railways, Mr. Rajen Gohain stated that the Railway is one of the most environment-friendly when we talk about the modes of transportation. He stated that his team is aware of the green issues and they are actively taking steps to completely go green in whichever possible segment.

Placing high importance on the discussions with all the external stakeholders, Mr. Prabhu stated that as a good responsive organization, the company can definitely not afford to be working in isolation and that the team will definitely tune themselves up to match the growing trends in the society as well as the economy. These round table discussions with all the external stakeholders will definitely assist in getting some different perspectives, exchange of ideas and knowledge sharing will only fine tune and improve the way things are sorted.

The Indian Railways has not been in a good light for quite some time now because of the constant increase in the ticket fare. The ticket fare is pretty high now and there have been a lot of people who have been complaining about the same. The highlight here is the flight fares! The flight fares are pretty cheap when compared with the AC fare in the railways. The Railway Minister has to seriously consider this issue or else more and more people will take up the other modes of transport if this issue is not dealt well.


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