Angry Over Yates Removal, Democrats Stalls the Sessions Vote

Angry Over Yates Removal, Democrats Stalls the Sessions Vote

The newly elected President of the US Donald Trump has again locked horns with the Democrats. This time around it’s the firing of the acting Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to enforce Trump’s executive order that he gave on immigration. Trump has proposed the name of his loyal Republican Senator Jeff Sessions for the post and the Democrats have questioned his independence in carrying out the orders.

There were intense exchanges between the Democrats and the Republicans over the issue and the democrats succeeded in stalling the proceedings till Wednesday. The top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, Dianne Feinstein said, “It is very difficult to reconcile, for me, the independence and objectivity necessary to be attorney general with the partisanship. Will he support and defend these broad and disruptive executive orders? Will he carry out and enforce the president’s actions that may very well violate the Constitution?” The common verdict from Democrats was that he will as he is known to be loyal to Trump.



The Democrats also rebelled on many other nominations made by Trump delaying the scheduled committee votes. These nominees are Representative Tom Price to head Health and Human Services and Steven Mnuchin for running the Treasury.

This bitter fight between the Democrats and the Republicans is going to get bigger with Trump picking up his Supreme Court justice nominee.

The Trump’s decision to sign an executive order which bans the entry of people from seven Muslim dominated countries to the US has not gone well with the senators especially the Democrats. To fuel the fire Trump removed Yates from her post since she was against enforcing this order. Thus while the Republicans are of the opinion that Sessions is the right choice for being an Attorney General, the Democrats wanted more time to be sure that he will stand up against Trump’s decisions if the need arises.

Republican Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa, in opening the Judiciary Committee hearing said that “Sessions will fulfil the law fully, faithfully and independently, even when he disagrees with it.”

Chuck Schumer, the Senate’s top Democrat has his doubts and he was vocal about it. He said that the Senate as the American people should know how independent he will be in taking decisions if he does not agree with the President before the Senate votes for him.

So far about a dozen nominations from Trump are awaiting votes and only five have been confirmed.



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