Neyveli Lignite Corp to Increase Power Generation by 2,640 Megawatt

Neyveli Lignite Corp to Increase Power Generation by 2,640 Megawatt

The managing director and chairman Sarath Kumar Acharya said that NLC (Neyveli Lignite Corp) has proposed to enhance the power generation by 2,640MW at its Neyveli complex.

On the Republic day celebrations, while addressing the crowd, Acharya said that there was 1,320MW lignite-based power generation that had to be increased by using the company’s project. He also added that 2-units of 660MW had already reached the last stages of completion. He also disclosed that the company was planning to add another (two units of 660MW) 1,320MW at Neyveli in the second phase.

Through its joint venture, the company has been awarded for enhancing coal-based power generation by 1,980MW at Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh for Neyveli Uttar Pradesh Power Limited (NUPPL) and also to enhancing the lignite-based power generation by 500MW over Barsingsar expansion along with the Bithnok green field project in Rajasthan.



Acharya also added – “With the government allotting 20.5 metric ton of coal per annum from Talabira mine blocks in Odisha, we have taken up a plan of 4,000MW capacity addition in coal-based power generation in two phases.

The company has launched construction work at the Neyveli complex for a 130MW solar power plant, said Acharya regarding renewable energy. He also stated – “We are also in the process of setting up solar installations to the tune of 500MW in Tamil Nadu and 250MW in Odisha.”

He also added that the company was looking forward to installing solar panels in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh in order to tune the 1,000MW to generate power. In Tamil Nadu, the company is planning to set up a wind power generating unit of 200MW. Acharya also added that along with coverage extended for hospitalization, there is Rs 17,000 per annum that has been enhanced for the retired employees as post-retirement medical assistance for the ex-employees of the company.

The company also has planned to establish a retiring home for its employees at Neyveli, said Acharya.

Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of Art of Living foundation was complimenting the company for taking the initiative to adopt green wits, meditation, physical exercises, sports and games, which would help in maintaining physical and inner strength. Along with this, he also outlined the benefits and significance of Yoga.

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