Educated Youngsters Show Interest in Organic Farming

Educated Youngsters Show Interest in Organic Farming

On Sunday evening, there was a Krushi Mahotsava, which was held. Surprisingly, there were more than 25,000 youths who attended the Krushi Mahotsava by showing their interest towards farming.

The event ended with a formal concluding event, which was presided by Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil and with many other cultural performances in it. Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil is the leader of the opposition in Maharashtra State Legislative Assembly. During his speech to the youngsters, Patil requested the next generation of farmers or the youngsters who are interested in farming to take inspiration from their elders to bring innovation in the field.

At Dongre Hostel ground, there was a 4-day national exhibition of culture, literature and agriculture research, which was related to the farmers. In this exhibition, they showcased all the traditional as well as modern techniques of agriculture.



The noticeable thing in this 4-day national exhibition was the number of youth who attended the fair. Compared to all the previous years, this year there were many youngsters who showed a lot of interest in organic farming. Not just interest, there were many youngsters who wanted to take up organic farming as their full-time career, which was the most remarkable thing in the event.

An event coordinator, Rajendra Thakur said – “It’s encouraging to see youths under 25 years of age enquiring about career options in organic farming.” He also adds that there were more than 1 lakh people who attended the fair from different social strata.

At the event, there were 25 individuals who were honored by Shri Swami Samarth Agro Development Research Charitable Trust for working for the betterment of farmers.

Guru Mauli Annasaheb Morey, chief patron of the event said – “We believe our farmers need latest technologies, along with organic farming to succeed in agriculture. Knowledge regarding fertilizers, pesticides, latest equipment, organic/biotech and latest agriculture technologies were shared by from reputed companies for free.”

To have a discussion about the latest trends of village farming, there were 2,500 teachers from different villages and 3,000 village heads, the sarpanch who had gathered for the event.

Apart from the stalls on agri-marketing, poly housing, renewable energy, processing industry, bio-gas and those to showcase village life received awe-inspiring reaction; there was a special set-up arranged for it.

There were stalls, which had decorative items made of clay and wood that attracted the women visitors. On the other hand, the youngsters had delicious typical village food to enjoy at the food court. Thus, this event emerged successful by providing information about organic farming to the college-going youngsters.

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