NTPC Will Be Commissioning the First Unit of – Barh Thermal Power Plant

NTPC Will Be Commissioning the First Unit of – Barh Thermal Power Plant

Bihar is more likely to become a surplus state when it comes to power availability as NTPC (National Power Corporation), the electricity generator, has now been targeted for commissioning Unit I (Stage 1) of BSTPS (Barh Super Thermal Power Station) by the end of this year.

Mr Garbyal, who is the Regional Executive Director of NTPC, stated on Friday that this Unit 1 of the very much delayed Stage 1 of BSTPS will be commissioned sometime in the second quarter of this fiscal year 2017-18. Bihar will be having an allocation of around 1025 MW. Even though there has been a little delay in the construction of the BSTPS Stage 1, all these issues have now been dealt well.

Mr. Garbyal stated that his team has now aimed to commission the Unit 1 by the 2nd quarter of this year 2017-18 and Unit 2 and Unit 3 will be commissioned in 9 months interval.



Apart from this, Bihar will be getting cheaper power from BSTPS as NTPC has now commenced the production at the Pakri Barwadih coal mining block in Jharkand from the month of December 2016. The yearly coal production capacity of Pakri Barwadih (coal) Project is nearly 1.5 crore tonnes and a major chunk will be supplied to the BSTPS. Other than the Pakri Barwadih, the NTPC management claimed that this coal mining will be commencing very soon at the Chatti Bariyatu as well as Keredari projects since the work on this is now at an advanced stage.

The actual foundation for the 1st stage of BSTPS was laid in the year 1999 and this was at the beginning said to be commissioned in the month of March 2009. This was then extended to year 2012. The project’s progress was delayed because of many issues that include the non- availability of land and also many contractual issues and disputes.

An instance for this is that the project was actually delayed by almost 36 months because of the contractual disagreements between the initial contractor Techo Prom Export (TPE) and NTPC. Then, NTPC went on to terminate the contract with TPE in the year 2014 and then awarded a new contract to the DPS (Doosan Power Systems) to finish off the remaining tasks. The overall capacity of the Stage 1 of BSTPS is around 1980 MW and out of this Bihar’s allocation is around 1025 MW. Talking about Bihar, it is now getting around 1011 MW of power from the Stage 2 of BSTPS that has around 2 units of 660 MW.

Mr. Garbyal also went on to claim that the NTPC is now aiming to increase the total installed production capacity by 4710 MW in Bihar by the end of the year 2019-20. This targeted rise in production will be coming from the Stage 1 of BSTPS (1980 MW), Bihar Rail Bijli Company Ltd (750 MW) and also Nabi Nager Super Thermal Power Project (1920 MW) in Aurangabad.

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