Ground-Breaking First-Ever Solar Plant in India Gets Immense Response from Bidders

Ground-Breaking First-Ever Solar Plant in India Gets Immense Response from Bidders
With the exhaustion of fossil fuels, the rise of renewable sources of energy was foreseen. The rise of renewable sources of energy like wind and solar was just a matter of time. The first-ever Solar Power Parks is to be set up in India.
Dozens of project developers have given their bids to set solar storage-backed power capacity in upcoming solar power parks in India.Some reports have stated that a tender was issued by Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) to establish 50 megawatts, storage-based solar power capacity. It has received about 13 bids. It is expected to be set up in Kadapa Solar Power Park in Andhra Pradesh.

Every 50MW block will be supported with 5MW or 2.5MW-hours of storage capacity fitted within the 1 GW solar Kadapa power park. Amongst the many specifications given by SECI for the storage park is a rated power productivity of 30 mins and a response of a second or even less.

SECI is doing an exceptionally good job. This would mark SECI’s first venture into storage system parks along with utility scale solar power plans. India is trying very hard to integrate solar power projects seamlessly into the grid. Among the many available options, some are application of steadfast transmission lines to capture the power generated from solar projects, and establishing storage-based solar power plant projects.

SECI is likely to hold an auction for more 200 MW of storage-based solar power capacity. The solar power park is likely to be established at Pavagada located in Karnataka. Now, the auction will have 50MW capacity block, each supported by a 2.5 MW-hr of storage system.

The islands of India i.e. the Andaman and Nicobar island are not behind any other states. For the islands, NTPC Limited has announced a 50 MW capacity of storage-backed solar power project.

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