Green Fuel from Farm Waste Will Cut Down Nation’s Dependency

Green Fuel from Farm Waste Will Cut Down Nation’s Dependency

Today, BJP in the run-up to in the elections of Goa Assembly, has tried to woo the fishing and farming communities in order to boost and increase their economic status through various measures.

Nitin Gadkari, BJP’s election in-charge for Goa and Union minister in South Goa in Sanvordem Constituency, addressing a BJP rally stated that using the waste from farm products would help India to a great extent in producing fuel. This would generate green fuel for the farmers and would be completely cost effective.

The “revolution” in producing fuel using the farm produce has already been started in his home region Vidarbha in Maharashtra, says Gadkari to the farmers.

The BJP MP also said that Vidarbha had proved to the world that farmers can produce ethanol fuel from the waste of sugarcane (that is after the sugarcane is processed for sugar production). The green fuel obtained can be used for other public transport and buses.  On a further note, he also added that in Nagpur, his home town, there were already 55 AC busses, which were operating on ethanol. This step is a cost effective method that can be chosen in order to reduce pollution, said the minister. Fuel can alternatively be obtained from wheat, cotton straw, and rice as well as from the waste of sugarcane. If farmers also generated fuel, then it would help the country in decreasing the dependency on global fuel.

For fishermen in Goa, Rs 800-crore has been spent for a project. The foundation stone has already been laid by the Union Government says the Godkari. This will help them process the fishes in the market.

To buy trawlers, there is a scheme that has been introduced by the government in order to help the fishermen so that they can start fishing even outside the margin of eleven navigational miles in the sea.

The minister also added – “State government has got jurisdiction in sea up to eleven nautical miles, after that it is under the purview of the Central government. Our government has designed a special scheme for fishermen in which they can form a group and buy trawlers.

The state government at present has jurisdiction on fishing that fishing has to be done within eleven nautical miles and further than that is under Centre. He also added, “We want to encourage fishing outside 11 nautical miles so that their (fishermen’) business can prosper and their economic condition gets the boost. A group of five to fifteen fishermen can approach the Centre with the capital investment of Rs 5 lakh on which they will be provided Rs 15 lakh and banks will give them a loan of Rs 1 crore.”

To help the fisherman in boosting the fish production in the coastal region, the well-equipped trawlers would help them in turn to contribute to the welfare of fishermen, said Gadkari.

Gadkari said as trawlers will be well-equipped they will help in boosting production of fish in the coastal state, which in turn would contribute to the welfare of fishermen.

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