Concerned Group of Climate Crusaders Made Themselves Heard at the Indoor Delegation

Concerned Group of Climate Crusaders Made Themselves Heard at the Indoor Delegation

We all know the importance of renewable resources. They are renewable and most importantly environment friendly. Non-renewable resources, on the other hand, are fossil fuels, which are too expensive and create a lasting damaging effect on the environment. Some of the most commonly used renewable sources of energy are solar energy and wind energy. They are replenished constantly and will never run out.

An indoor delegation comprising of about 60 solar energy enthusiasts visited over the weekend. It is said that an international level symposium may be hosted in the city soon.

On Saturday, in the village of Sanawadia, the enthusiastic group studied the practical working and utilities of the solar energy plant. This was held at the Barli Institue. The delegation visited the city over the weekend as a part of the extended international conference held at Goraj, Gujarat



The executive director of ‘Solar Cookers International’, Julie Greene said, “I was in Indore three years ago with my husband and I was quite impressed with the way solar energy was being utilized for everyday tasks. Based on this, I felt that scholars and researchers around the world need to know how theories can practically materialize.”

As the event highlighted the need to use solar energy, the delegation was served food that had been prepared using solar energy. The team interacted with the locals who were being trained at the institute to use the solar cookware and other equipment. The head trustee of the ashram, Deepak Gadiya, offered to help by providing equipment that would be helpful in improving the solar cookers.

At the Barli Institue, the Chief Project Officer, Mr Yogesh Jadhav explained, “At present, we are using a mechanical device to detect the direction of sunrays for the solar cooker. Gadiya offered to give us a device which runs on solar energy and could be used to detect the sun’s location.”

At the institute, speakers from countries like Uganda, the US and even India spoke to the students about connecting sustainable energy to many issues of our society like eliminating violence, generating opportunities and employment for the needy and poor and helping those who are physically disabled.

The speakers also trotted into topics like advantages and need for organic farming. They explained how every person in the society can help in the implementation of solar energy in every household. They could do wonders with the help from businessmen, manufacturers, marketing agencies and of course the common man.

We are desperately in need of renewable energy as all the non-renewable sources are depleting and moreover harming the environment.

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