Full Capacity of 1,000 Megawatt Is Generated by the Kudankulam Second Unit

Full Capacity of 1,000 Megawatt Is Generated by the Kudankulam Second Unit

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant project of the second unit has successfully attained 1,000 MWe, being the maximum generating capacity after it went critical for six months.

R S Sundar, who is KNPP Site Director said – “It is a great moment for the KNPP which is already successfully operating its first unit. After successfully crossing a range of tests, the second reactor reached the milestone of generating 1,000 MWe at 8:30 PM yesterday.”

On July 10 last year, the Indo-Russian joint venture project of the second unit attained criticality, and on August 29 the southern grid was synchronized

After few necessary tests were postulated, the power generation has been gradually increasing at numerous stages. All these tests were stimulated by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board.

The commercial operations of the first Kudankulam nuclear power plant project began in December 2014.

The major share of the two units of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant would be given to Tamil Nadu.

In the district of the southern Tamil Nadu, there would be four more units of 1000 MWe each that would be set up according to the agreement between Russia AND India at Kudankulam.

The release said that the power generation is anticipated to start in the year 2022-23, and the excavation work for the 3rd and 4th units are underway.

To know more about the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, it is the largest single nuclear power plant situated in the Tirunelveli district in Koodankulam of Tamil Nadu, which is the southern Indian state. The first plant construction began on March 31 in the year 2002. It initially had many oppositions and delays from the local fishermen around.

The southern power grid of Unit 1 was synchronized on 22 October in the year 2013 and a limit of 1000 MWe is the power generated. Rs.13,171 crore was the original cost of the two units, but later it was revised to Rs. 17,270 crore.

For energy delivered from the Kudankulam nuclear power plant, Nuclear Power Corporation Ltd (NPCIL) announced a price in the year 2015. On 17 February in the year 2016, the construction of units 3 and 4 was performed as the ground-breaking ceremony. The cost of 3rd and 4rd units would be twice the price of the 1st and 2nd units.

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