From Asian Countries to Australia, Farmers Are on the Climate Change Frontline

From Asian Countries to Australia, Farmers Are on the Climate Change Frontline

For all those who are now standing on the cliff of life, the effect of the climatic change is a serious reality. The rural regions in the Asia, countries are the most affected when there is a climatic drift. For all the farmers in these regions, there are a lot of them who make a living with just less than one dollar a day; life is extremely difficult for these people. Just one stroke of hard luck – that can be flood or a drought and they can actually tumble easily into difficulty. Even after all that, people in the agricultural farms are really inspiring and also humble. Not a single day passes by where these farmers have not done their hard work for the day by moving mountains in spite of many things going against them.

The climatic change plays havoc on these farmers’ life not only when it comes to agriculture, but also in their personal lives. Only if there is good cultivation will the farmers be able to feed their family. As they live in a relatively dense area, there are chances that they may even lose their house because of heavy rainfall or other natural calamities.


In some of the remote villages where these farmers have never got any kind of formal education, they remain mostly cut off from the other developed world – you will be meeting the most thoughtful and also stimulating people here. What actually stands out is the way they go on to describe about the new insects that eat off their crops that they never had spotted in the past or for that matter their knowledge on how each and every dry season is getting extended every year with insane levels of heat sucking off their soils to a great extent. These guys actually know how the climate changes and how fast it changes.

If you look closely, for a famer a nation does not actually denote a particular geography; instead they see it as a cultural space that is evolving. It offers the sustenance for their mind, a living that actually supports the families and also the vibrancy of these rural communities. But, behind one farmer’s stoicism you can look at the never-ending sequences of fracture as well as repair.

They fear the hollow tone of the dry wind during the summer. There is an increase in the level of anxiety about the bushfires in several parts of the country with some predictions of much higher temperatures and also longer heat-waves. Around 82 percent of the Australians in the regional area are especially concerned about the droughts and also floods and how it will impact the food supply and crop production.

One of the main challenges in our time is actually meeting the requirements of the ever-increasing population in spite of the challenging climatic changes that is bringing down our environmental footprint. Excessive research and development is necessary. The farmers need constant support and help with investment. This will be a morale booster for them, which will eventually result in improving the agricultural condition of the nations.

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